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36 hours of hell

So after the initial blood bath at 6am in the morning, we kind of just carried on as normal, we got breakfast, packed our cases, tried where humanly possible to not be in the same room as each other, and tried to make small talk – how many times can 2 people say “I can’t believe it snowed in Vegas”. Eventually we both gave up and slipped into a painful silence, which ensued for the next few days, weeks and months – I was exhausted.

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Starting at the end

I thought the elephant was my mental health – I was paranoid, desperate, needy. However late on our last night in Vegas, after too much alcohol, alone in a cheap (but extortionately expensive) dark Vegas hotel room, 6000 miles from home, sitting on the floor, with my husband passed out in bed I found out the elephant was actually another woman.

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